Sunday, September 18, 2016

We ended July with a trip to is part 1

Summer sunsets!

In July, Jay and I took the kids to California
for a well needed family trip.
It was one of our favorite family-times together for sure!

The kids are older, and even though I miss their
little-selves is much easier to cruise around
and enjoy all that we did since we are all "adults" now :)

We broke up the trip a bit by staying a 
night at Grandpa's house in Nevada. 
Grandpa wasn't there that weekend as 
he was up helping Kyle on his house.  
Oh I love that kid, Trey is so cute!!

The drive to California was LONG, but
was fun since we were all looking 

forward to our trip

Snapping a quick pic. And yes, that is Trey's 
picture perfect "smile". He has been doing the 
"serious-face" a lot this summer. 
I am working on getting more spontaneous 
smiles in pictures from him, lol

We loved getting to our room, we were just
wanting to relax!


It's tradition for our family to always eat here. 
We were so excited to be starting 
our trip with Bubba Gumps!

It was my birthday coming up in a few days,
so we celebrated a bit out in California.
Jayme gave me a birthday present at
dinner our first night there!

It was a cute shirt!

The restaurant
workers sang and 

brought cake!!

We went over to Huntington Beach that night to
watch the sunset. We ended up staying 

until almost midnight!It was so pretty to be there 
in the evening and dark hours!
The waves were so pretty under the full moon!
The night life at the beach was really 

fun to be a part of!

Love the pretty sunset coming on

This beach is tradition for our family to visit each trip, 
we were so happy to be able to spend so much time there 
on a couple of different days!

Wearing my cute birthday shirt 
that Jayme gave me


Trey getting ready to run and do a flip 

Nothin' quite like being on the
beach with the one you love

Jayme rarely lets me take pictures of her, but here is
one of her taking pictures of Trey. I loved the
sunset behind her. Trey is totally in "flip" mode there!

I have never gotten over how cute and 
snuggly this boy of mine is
Jay and Trey playing in the waves

Jayme and I LOVED sitting and and being
entertained by these two running in 

and out of the waves

Terrible picture from my old phone 
of this gorgeous moon!! 
Wish I had a better
camera that night!

Was a fun day !

We woke up early the second day in California
to drive down to Universal Studios!
Captured a few pics along our drive....

Checking out the Harry Potter land was like being in
the real movie set! 

Getting ready to go get in line for our first ride

Trey got a souvenir
Harry Potter wand
Me with my cute boy

I love how dang cute our kids are!! xoxoxoxo

This butter-beer was so good that we have
craved it since we've been home

The "Voice" was one of our
TV shows that we watched
this past couple of years, it was
cool to see their set there.

On the tour
"The Walking Dead"
spook alley

Jurassic Park ride


Relaxing for a minute at the hotel room 

Trey had brought all his awesome go-pro stuff...
but his go-pro got ruined at the first 

ocean wave covering over it while it 
sat on the sand.
So so so so sad for Trey!! 

He was really excited to use his go-pro out 
on that trip, and it was gone
the first few minutes that we were there.

Love shopping out at the beach!

Jay and Jayme
Jay and I loved the beach this year, 
the weather was perfect that weekend. 

It was nice to just have the day to relax and play