Thursday, October 20, 2016

The rest of July 2016

Catching the Cedar 24th of July parade

The Cedar City Temple is currently being built in town!
This float was full of missionaries.

Getting dark. Kids started to set up their
firework show for us :)

The next day we hung out at moms house
...and spent more time with Mom and Dad.

And of course lots of trampoline time !
They have a tradition to wave at everyone when
they are leaving. My Grandma always did this tradition
Too. It's so fun 
The grandkids love to wave
to Grandma and Grandpa the whole
way up the street!

On the way back up home,
Our cars traveled together.
We decided to stop for a
treat and see the petting zoo.
The kids were in heaven! lol

Kolbs and the "Old Man"

The trip was such a great time!
Jay's cousin puts on such a fun firework
show every July at his neighborhood.
We enjoyed it again this year!

Here's the crew we came with ...Jayme is hiding under a blanket!
Jay and I with uncle Terry

This is one of Jay's dad's best friends. He spent a
long while telling Jay and I of stories from when
he grew up with Jay's dad, Jim.  He had tears
as he told us of how much he misses Jim. 

My birthday is at the end of July, and this year I was
surprised by my supervisor at work, as I arrived,
with flowers and my favorite treats....rice crispies!!

My work friend bought me a foot stool to rest my
feet on under my desk since he thinks its funny
that I tip my garbage can over and use that each day, lol!
He also made me a "Turn Around" sign to be able to
hold up to the patrons who come to my counter
 by accident as they are lost looking for the adult court,
which is directly behind them down the hallway!! haha!
And the Judge brought out some gifts for me too!
She said she went out early before work and picked
me several of her yummy favorites from her
vegetable garden. In the bottom of the bag was
candy, she's awesome!

And then My sweetie surprised me with having these
gorgeous flowers delivered to my work. So so so beautiful!!

At home, Jay and the kids spoiled me with cards and gifts!

Jayme made my request of a home-made cake !
It was so yummy!
Trying on new lipstick!
I seriously was spoiled!! Jayme bought me a new
outfit!! So darling! She is so sweet!

This kid....I have no words....he melts my heart, xoxo

I asked for a home-made journal and Trey delivered!!
I use it for my scripture study each morning! 

I love it so much!!

This boy of mine...surprised me with Josh Groban tickets
that we have been talking about getting for years and years!!
I was so so so surprised!! And so excited! Tears!

My parent's cards to me,
so so sweet
More tears...I love Jay and the kids cards/letters
to me each year!!

Then, they continued the night with
a birthday dinner out on the town

And then, just when I thought we were done
celebrating...they took me outside and did
fireworks with me!! little family is
my favorite thing ever!! LOVE them all to pieces!!!

Was a magical birthday to say
the least...spent
with the ones I love most,
my little fam ! 

Jayme drew another temple requested of her by
Uncle Cliff!
I am so glad he keeps asking her to draw for him...
it keeps her practicing her drawing talent!

This is the new Provo City Temple

Just a random pic of my love
Okay, I had to post these
so I can show them to Trey's
kids one day!!
This 14 year old of mine
does Parkour every single
day and is the most
in shape in our little family!
We all want to be Trey!

He loves his parkour shoes,
so comfortable to
do his tricks and flips in.

Just enjoying my plants this year out on my front porch

We celebrated Kass's b-day too

We hung around and just enjoyed family time

Jay is amazing! He has been 
my gym partner
since July 

We've been having fun watching Kyle and Carrie's
house coming up over these past several months.
Jay was able to go a few times and help on the house.
I was able to go and help one time, and I couldn't believe
how much work Kyle and Carrie have done.
It's such a beautiful home!

On this particular night, Jay and I were stopping by
after a temple session date night. 

Gorgeous floors!!

On another night, we watched Trey jump and
do tricks and flips..and look at the sunset!!

We love our home, we feel blessed in our lives each day.