Monday, November 28, 2016

In September.....

We went to Nevada 
and stayed with Nate and Alisha's
 family to celebrate Jacey's baptism

Jay and I snapped this pic quick in the church
as the family was all arriving.

I have always loved Jay's smile ! This is such
a cute picture of him!

Kim and Shuan's family 

Nate and Alisha's family
Jacey with our family !
She is such a cute niece and her baptism was so wonderful!

Grandpa and Jacey

Steph and Sierra

Our cute kids !
After the baptism we met up over at
Alisha's aunts house for a fun party

Trey and Tyler

Dad and Jay...I love
both these men!

Me, Kim, and Nate

Ryan and Dawna

Kim and Shaun with Dad

Hanging out at Nate and Alisha's home playing with the
girls! They are amazing hair-dressers ! haha

We also spent some time that night over at
Kim and Shaun's hotel in Vegas watching
BYU's game! 

We took Tyler back up with us to Grandma's house
in Cedar. Trey and Tyler are total cute!
We were in Cedar by that night and
stayed with Mom and Dad

Grabbing pics with Dad.
Mom is way camera shy,
always has been, so
she is not in many pics! lol

Kass photo-bombing!

Dad with Kim and Shaun

Checking out the Cedar Temple!
 We are all kinda in love with this one!
Can't help it, this one is special, it's our home town.

The Canyon Park is always a favorite
place to play and relax together in Cedar.

I love exploring with
the kids!
 I grew up playing in the
water and mud up the Canyon!

Cedar holds such good memories for us
year after year. Love family time there
whenever we get a chance!

The boys throwing the football

Cedar is Home

Jay's a work-out machine these days..
I love being his work-out buddy!

This is an evening we were up at Adam and Annie's
 house for  a BBQ and BYU vrs UofU game.
Little Calvin is so cute!

Me and Kara

In September, Jayme's best friend, Taylor, had
her birthday! These two celebrated up in SLC for it!

We enjoyed a family gathering one Sunday for
for our cousin Chanel's, mission farewell.

One Sunday we came home to a surprise "U"
outside our front of our house!
Our neighbors are making a statement as
often as they can, haha

I caught this pretty sky one morning on my way
to work just down our street. 

In September, Jay took me to his work conference
up in Park City. They spoil us each year. 

This was the view outside our balcony, just beautiful !!

We relaxed and had so much fun together those two days

Riding up to our dinner at the
the top of the mountain.

After dinner, we
relaxed in our room for a bit
 and then headed out to
the jacuzzi

After the hot tub, we went back out to
enjoy the fire for a while.

We are already looking forward to next year's
little get-away to Park City 


My little phone camera didn't do it justice...but the
colors were really pretty up there!
Captured this quick as we drove home.

Jay took Trey to a BYU game in September...
they had a great time together!

Trey got to
meet Tanner Mangum !

Jayme went one Saturday up the canyon with cousins
and took pictures together...
Here's some favorites from that day!

Jayme is so beautiful and amazing, we love her!

The leaves were just perfect colors!

I don't remember why I took this picture one random
moment at work. But, I do love this pic for the memory
of what a corner of my desk looks like each day.
I spend more time there than I do anywhere else.
These are the pics I've had up there for years.
I have a good job....but I miss my family each day.
I miss being home more and having time to
get more important things done in the home.
But we do ok rushing about the days. We just
make sure to include the things that
matter most...time to feel the spirit and time
with each other... helping one another out and
doing fun things together creating memories.

Here's a couple of random pics from that month
during my work days....
these would be pics we are sending back and forth
a bit as we check in on one another and say hi....

I should have kept some of the pics and texts the kids send, 
those are great too during the days

The flowers outside
my work building this
year were my favorite
of all the flowers I saw
anywhere around town.

What a cutie!
I liked this quick pic
that day

Trey enjoys his scout
camp outs each month.
Here's a quick pic before the camp out for that month!

School pictures happened in September!
This is Trey's 9th grade pic!
Love that awesome boy of ours!

One night on
our way into the temple, so so pretty!!

And then, coming out of the temple that night,
 Love this temple, so beautful !

The feeling that place gives!
Another fun place we found ourselves that month was
Kyle and Carrie's house for their "reveal" party!
Here's a few pics from that party.

We were guessing a "girl" ....and we were right!!!

After the reveal party, we headed over to the
BYU game and met up with Jim, Cecily,
Adam, Annie, and their friends.

So glad we got season tickets again this year.
Has been such a fun way to spend some of our
weekends...cheering on the cougars!

We met up with Ryan's fam too there at the game!!
Darling nieces!!


Conference Sunday kicked off
the beginning of October!
Trey decided to make a
spook alley/fort while listening
to talks
Love our kids!
Always creative and
always fun to be with!