Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life is good....really good!! -Nacho Libre :)


I stopped by and visited Jayme at her work one day

Jayme is the receptionist

A couple pics of us
that Jayme had taken.

Jayme is one of my 
closest best friends, 
I love her so much!

Our pretty flowers and bushes
out front were fun this summer.
These are what someone
secretly planted for us one day.
Still don't know who. But put a smile  on our faces every day as it
reminded us of a kind deed done for us.

This is where I relax quietly and eat my lunch
when it's too hot to go outside.
This is the upstairs of the courthouse. 

Jay's work sends it's employees families
to Lagoon one day each summer.
We always look so forward to it!

They fed us a nice dinner and gave out prizes

Jayme always teasing Trey

Jay won!!

It was so nice to just relax with the family.
Each day is so busy! is a real treat to  just play like kids
along with our kids!!

Jayme teasing Trey again! Trey's not a fan
of having to sit with Jayme on the ride. lol

The kids get their teasing
from Jay..and Jeannette
always said that Jay
got it from her! haha

We stayed until dark and played to our hearts desire!
Can't wait until next year!
Jay captures lots of beautiful pictures in our
neighborhood on his commute to and from work
Trey hanging out with cousins another random day

Jay and I are dedicated to our daily gym time!

saying hi to Jay from work on my breaks

It's always nice when
the day is half-over
and I'm able to check in
with Jay and family on
lunch breaks.

FINALLY we got to get out camping this summer!!

We went to the Payson Lakes this year,
it was gorgeous!

We had a great one too close to us

Out for a walk on the walking path
that leads to all 3 lakes, and found a good resting place,

I love Jayme's shark socks! is bear country. The camp hosts came and
warned us that they had seen a cub close by and
warned us of the mother that would be close too.

Our beautiful girl

It was very secluded and very quiet.
Jay was saying it was kind of "too quiet" and he
had a wierd a bit of a warning feeling.
It was just moments after we left that spot that
we had the camp host came and warned us that the cub had just
been spotted up at that same lake just moments before. 

The walking trails leading from lake to lake were
really pretty !

Cool wasp nest

There were deer and cow walking near or directly
through our camp spot.

The moon coming out

Trey wanted clam chowder soup! haha
One can actually ended up spilling and fell into the fire.

We had fun listening
to Jay tell us scary
bear stories!!

Jayme brought sparklers

The next morning we went to another small
lake on our way home.

Trey with his friend, Ben, at church taking a selfie

Trey with some of his friends out on our trampoline
Trey with cousins at uncle Brian's cabin in Sundance

Another day, over at a park near my sister's home in Lehi

Another picture that Jay snapped on his way home one day

Jay wrote this down last year and put it on our fridge.
It is such a good quote. He reads it all the time
and he says it's his goal and motto. 

I had to snap this pic one day since it made me smile!!
This is in Trey's room. This boy has started to make
scripture study a regular part of his days and weeks.
So proud of my boy! I love having my kids growing
up and starting to decide...on their implement 

good things in their lives. 

Another celebration the month of August brings
is our wedding anniversary!
This year we celebrated on the weekend closest
to our anniversary.

These are flowers Jay delivered to my work
on our anniversary.  
So very beautiful!!

We don't miss a beat! Even on our anniversary!!

After the gym, we went out to
enjoy a yummy dinner!! 

Trey handing out with cousins at Lagoon and
staying with them for the weekend while Jay and I
went away to celebrate our anniversary.
Waiting for the train...

Little America
The pool we didn't get a picture of and should have,
it was so pretty! We enjoyed the Jacuzzi after dinner.

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!
This is always one of our
favorite restaurants!

The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel
 restaurant and then spontaneously bummed around the city.


In the meanwhile, we got some updates of the fun
that Trey was having with cousins!

That night, we went to the Josh Groban concert,
it was so dang much fun!!!

We got there early...but before long, the whole
place was packed!

Jay is so awesome to get these tickets for us!
We have talked about wanting to go to a Josh Groban
concert for the past 10 years straight!
Jay has bought a few Josh Groban CD's through those
years and we just keep putting it as a bucket-list for us
to attend a concert one day!

Jay and I have been married 21 years... and we
feel the deep love, gratitude, and the blessing of sharing
our lives together.
We look so forward to our eternity together!

My little phone camera was not great..but we
did snap a few pics there ! IT WAS SO FUN!!

The next morning we
pampered our selves again
 before heading home.
We actually headed straight to
our nephew, Matthew's,
mission farewell!

Ryan & Donna with Matt


School Picture Day !
I have a 9th Grader this year!!
He's so cute, so smart, so talented, & so much fun!

Anniversary flowers still
looking so pretty in my kitchen
..and work flowers are
gorgeous this year too!

Charlie got outside one day and got into a cat fight.
He doesn't have claws, so he was injured pretty bad.
After his wounds healed up, his head started to
get infected and started looking all cat-zombi-ish.
After a bit of a surgery, he healed up just fine!
We were all relieved...we kinda like this kitty!

Jay and Trey went and hit balls at the golf course

A pic Jayme snapped of our cute toes after a pedicure