Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In October...

Jay went with his brother, Kyle, to the
priesthood session this year, and they took
their sons. Jay said how awesome the talks
were and he couldn't wait to share some
specific insights. After the priesthood session
the guys went to get a treat!

We FINALLY got FAMILY pics taken!!!
The last time we had a professional family pic taken
 was when Jayme was 10 years old...

so we finally made it happen!

Jayme's friend took them this year for us, we
had such a great time and the pics turned out
so pretty!! 

We went up American Fork canyon.

The photo shoot happened between rain storms, whew!

Me with our cute photographer!

It was just GORGEOUS up there

We loved putting some personal touches 
in some of the pictures! 
Here's T-Rey doing a flip for the camera!

Love our family !

I seriously walked into the room and found
my hubby like this. No...this is not the first...or even
the second time I have found him like this, lol!!
He loves to crawl under a blanket and
snuggle on top of the heater vents when he is cold.
 I had to get a picture! The blanket he chose was
making me laugh was a small blanket of Jayme's.
At a work conference I went to for a couple of days.
Was SO excited to run into some old friends from
a few years ago when I worked with them in Provo
at the courthouse there!

And this was a surprise
to run into another friend, from Cedar,
who was up for the conference!

She's actually the big sister of a good friend of mine.
She has worked at the Cedar courthouse for 20
years now. I am jealous that she has that many
years behind her. I have 5 years in. A way's to go 

until retirement for me!

I couldn't help but take a quick pic one day when
dropping Trey off to meet up with friends at
the park close by. These boys are growing up so fast
and are so dang cute!

Jay and is keeping us both motivated to do
our daily gym workouts!
We always have such a good time together there,
it seriously is such a fun part of our day each day

and we look forward to it !

Trey spends lots of time with friends at a
gym practicing parkour. Trey is so talented!

Trey's other best friend is kitty!

This was one of our last
gorgeous sunny days
before the weather started
to turn a bit colder.
I go here sometimes for 

my lunch breaks!
It is so peaceful and
I never want to leave
and go back to work!

The ducks are too friendly though...they come right
 up to try and get fed! :)

Such a pretty, relaxing place

Jay snapped this pic on  his way home one day
One of the BYU foot ball games this season.
We have season tickets again this year, such a
fun tradition for our family each year.

Late night games, but
totally worth the lack
of sleep, lol !
Adam, Jay's brother, has
tickets next to us.

My brother, Brian at the game too,
with Sharla and Brandon!

I loved Annie's hat,
too cute!
Josan !

So many people each game, so fun!

So fun to meet the
players and get
pics with them!!

Jayme, Jay, and I had lots of
fun at this game together! 

Everyone rushed the field, what a great win!

We loved the
fireworks after the
win !

Loved seeing the "Y" all lit up!

Always a fun night!
Jay and I went to the temple on this pretty fall day

Jay had the opportunity to ordain Jim a High Priest.
It was such a neat experience and special blessing!

Jay with his siblings, Jim, Tammy, and Adam

Jay and Trey out to the movies

Jayme and I bumming around the Halloween
costume store. We had too much fun, I have a few
pics from that evening....

Some random days at work.
Here is a start to our decorating for Halloween!

My work window has
the BEST tree that is 

gorgeous all the
different seasons of the year.
I've been staring out this window
 for the past 4 years and
it never gets old. So pretty!

The CEO with Jay at his
work one day
Jayme went to Disneyland
with Kim's fam!


After Disneyland, the group stayed in Cedar at
Grandma's house. I loved this pic of Macy and Grandma!

Jay at a work...they went bowling !

Kitty so cute each day

Favorite place for the Pumpkin Regatta !
I hope they go to this place next year too!

Carrie hanging out by the water

One night, we invited Curt and Sydna
over for a PJ movie night!

A few pics I took at our
 work Halloween party...

This is a probation officer
friend of mine, he is the
best Santa ever! He is pretty
 snazy in his rockin-santa suit!

Pumpkin carving competition

Super pretty! Had to stop and take
a quick pic 

Jay and I bought a couple
new games this year...
Sorry and Monopoly.
We have had games, and we
keep losing pieces over
the years! The kids are
loving the new games!

Jay and I went to Cedar for a quick trip to stay
with mom and dad. We went for a funeral of
a friend of our's. It was good to be there to
support the family. Sad, but sweet. 

We went to see the progress of the Temple being built

We love talking with dad about interesting
gospel doctrine. He is so much fun to talk with!
We soak it in any time we go down to visit.

We took dad to eat lunch at Sizzler.
Cheyenne and Glen met up with us there too.

We caught a movie
while we were in Cedar too
While Jay and I were away in Cedar, my sister Kim 
 went with Jayme and Trey to the Pumpkin Drop.
Kyle asked Trey to entertain the crowd a couple of 
different times with his Parkour tricks and flips!
Trey had a BLAST !!
Jayme recorded and sent it to us so we 
could watch him too!!

Jayme and Haley

Jay and I missed being there with the kids,
but at least we got to see the fun they were having
through pictures they kept sending us!
The pumpkin drop is always a favorite of ours
to go to each October
The kids stayed at Kim's house that night after
the Pumpkin Drop. Kim had fun with them
making carmel apples and carving pumpkins!

These are some cute
picture-posters that Amy
put together to celebrate
Jim's surprise B-Day party!
He was turning 40 ! 

The party was a Tammy's house
and there is Jim just
walking in and Tam talking
to him about how he needed
to check out all the fun
decorations all over the house...even downstairs!
Downstairs was where a
huge group of people waiting
to yell, "Surprise!"
Jim didn't expect that group
of people at all!
He was so surprised!!

We had another Halloween party 
for our work...this time it was 
for only our office 
instead of with the whole 
district. This was on 
Halloween day.

Look how cute Jayme is dressed up for her
work Halloween day!

Here's some pics that Jay texted me of his
Halloween day at work. They did a good job decorating too!

Jay passing out candy to kids
Halloween night

Jay and I went for dinner Halloween night after our
candy ran out that we were passing out to the neighborhood kids.
Trey was at a fun party with friends, and Jayme was at
a college dance.

These are our cute pumpkins that the kids carved
for our porch

Trey at his party.
One of his friends is doing a back flip.
Halloween night we watched Ghostbusters
and Trey watched the whole movie in
his Halloween mask, haha
Kitty tired from all
the excitement