Saturday, January 14, 2017

A bit of November....

Jay changed our room around and took this pic,
We love our room and how "roomy" it's so
very relaxing and slowly we are getting it
just the way we want. Curtains are next ! yay!

Jayme sent this picture to me one afternoon,
she was loving that her teacher was excited
to get a selfie with an apostle! haha

Just my cutie on a random work day!

So, we all love pumpkin pie!
And for some reason, 
I couldn't get enough of it 
this holiday season. 
I don't ever remember 
craving pumpkin pie 
more!  I think I ate more 
pumpkin cookies this year 
than any other in the past!
Love love love!

Earlier than any year in history...yup...I put up the
Christmas tree a month early! And it never did get old.
I might do it again next year, lol
I LOVED the holidays this year...there was something
amazing about each day...we were just loving and
counting our blessings so much and this season
brings out that kind of spirit intensified.

Random work day at my desk.
This year I have adopted ear-buds to my everyday attire!

I can't get through my work days anymore unless
 I am "plugged in".  I think my teen-age kids have 
had an affect on me as they are always plugged in too!

I decorated for my niece's bridal shower that was held
at my sister-in-law, Barbara's home. It was a blast
to decorate and even more fun to just be together that night!
I have such a wonderful family!! love them so much!

And so so excited for Krysta and Ramsay's wedding!

Jay took us on a date
to the Red Lobster and
the Utah Symphony

He's such a sweetheart and has always loved that
I am an Orchestra girl! Jay used to come watch
me play in concerts the first few years we were
married when I played with the community
orchestra. I loved being a part of that orchestra! 

My life got super busy after that and I put 
my orchestra days on hold for a later time in the future!
Until then, listening to the Utah Symphony made
me miss playing! It was such a great night with Jay!

Many of our weekends found us cheering on BYU
again this season! We have so much loved this tradition
these past several years! We have 2 season tickets again, 

and this particular weekend was my turn to go with Jay!

Was so fun to text 
my brother Mike and his 
boys during plays!
Brian and Sharla were there!

The day was hot and sunny and we actually
were worried about a sunburn! Super summer-like weather 

for November...but way welcomed too! So we bought
Jay this way cute hat during the game!
He's so cute in it, however I might be
stealing that hat often! 
Many random weekends,
Trey goes with friends to
do parkour training at the gym!
This is one of those weekends!
He got to grab a photo
with Calen Chan whose 

 for parkour. Trey was so
excited !!

Cute pic of my boys at the gym

Random photo out our backyard one evening. The moon
was super big. It was supposed to be one of the
events where the moon is closest to the earth...
this phone pic doesn't do it justice! 

Krysta and Ramsay's wedding announcement!
Jay is so handsome, I've always
 known that. I feel so happy
to get to snuggle with him
everyday. On this morning,
I had sent him a pic of me
as I was at work and saying
"hi" to him over a text
message. He sent this pic
back to me super quick
saying "hi" back.
He's so cute, I had to save the pic!

That same day, Jay went on his lunch break to the address
of a home that he lived in as a little boy. This is where
he lived at the time his dad passed away. Jay was 3 years old.
He says he remembers just a very tiny memory here. 
Jayme hanging out with cousins, they went to
see a movie together!

snapping spontaneous photos

I missed going to the gym with Jay on this
night! I hate missing our gym time. He sent me a
hello as he was there. I'm so proud of Jay for
being our amazing motivator to be healthy and
spending time working out and eating better these days!

Jayme and Kass!

Kim, Alisha, and I took Jayme, Cheyenne, and Kass
to a Time Out For Women up in Sandy.
We had so much fun together!!

We always have so much fun picking out souveniers

This is on our way out, the place was empty by then.

These Time Outs are always so good and so much
fun to go to each year. We have been to them
in Salt Lake, St. George, and Vegas! 

They always give out free bags at these events, cute!
We like to buy a souvenir too. This time, we bought some
new music from Hillary Weeks. One titled, "Love You Life"
and another CD titled, "Say Love".  So so good!

My pretty neices, Rachel, Camille, and Erin.
This is at the SLC temple on the day of
Krysta and Ramsay's wedding!!

Grandpa Graf with my pretty Jayme!

Jay to the !
Brian in the center!! lol

Jay sporting Grandpa Graf's sunglasses

Mike and Barbara!

Kim and I with dad

Me and sissy

What a beautiful day!
Curt and Sydna so excited
for Krysta!!

Jayme and Kolby!!

So funny!
These are my nephews reenacting a photo from
years ago at the SLC temple!

Jay and Kass Kass !

Our turn posing !

haha! Kolby wanted some photo action next!! 

Grandpa and Ramsay

Playing at City Creek until the luncheon started in SLC

Sitting with Nate and Alisha

What a pretty day and such a pretty temple


At the reception !

My sister, Sheri, snuggling our niece Kylie
Sheri and me
Jay with
brother-in-law, Lynn

Jayme with cousins
The dance party was a massive hit!
Both sides of the families were all out on the dance
floor for a couple of hours straight! I havn't had that
much FUN in forever! I have always loved to dance
with Jay!!! The night we were engaged, we went out dancing!
And we made sure to go dances throughout
our marriage when we could. THIS night was a BLAST!!
Krysta and Ramsay are the best! We love how
spontaneous and party-fun they are! What a fun idea to
have a massive dance-party after the reception!
So much fun to celebrate with them on their wedding day!

Trey with cousins, Rachel and Megan


Here we are headed over to my sister's  house in
Cedar City, for Thanksgiving dinner.
We had a few family members missing this
year, and so it was sad to be missing them!

We had such a great time together!
Here's some of our pics of the day!...


Mom and Dad! 

My niece, Sierra

Jay with sister-in-law, Sydna!

Sydna and Barbra

Trey in heaven with cousins,
Josh and Gabe !

Time for the Cowboy's football game!

Always time for pie

Jay tossing the football from the balcony down 
to the kids on the grass

After Jay got these kids warmed up,
the kids  got the rest of the
cousins gathered up and played a FB at a park.

Over at Grandpa and Grandma Graf's house after
Thanksgiving dinner was over. The party continued
with the cousins and slurpies 

I love this picture of
Sheri and Raquel

That night, Jay and I wanted to go up and see
what the Cedar City Walmart would be like for
Black-Friday! Barbara and Jayme came with us!
It was just as crazy as anywhere we've ever seen
on Black-Friday, haha!
Curt and Sydna

Trey and I in Grandma's kitchen.
I love this kids of mine so much!
We drove home from
our Thanksgiving weekend
and decided to take the kids
up to SLC to tour the
church history museum 

We spent a long while there, and then it closed.
There were so many neat things, and the kids enjoyed
it too. We are planning to go back, because we missed
the entire upstairs! ha

It was such a beautiful day that we enjoyed the temple
 lights at Temple Square with just jackets. The kids
let us take a few pics there of them.
They are getting so old, they are getting picky about
getting their pictures taken. But I got a few!

There was a BYU game that night also!

We were so excited Kyle was there with us too!

These games are getting colder and colder !
But they are really fun, so we just
coat-up !

Kitty LOVES the Christmas Tree !