Thursday, January 26, 2017

December 2016 !!

"Jaymsie" at work!
On my way home one day, I stopped by
to see her office Christmas decorations.
She had a few festive things up!

In December, we celebrated with Josan
for his Baptism in Layton!

Having fun with sweet little Calvin

Jayme having fun with the snapchat app
with baby Calvin and Grandpa Fox

Hanging out at Mike and Barbara's house
for dinner with family

Some random pics...
here's kitty playing
while we are decorating
for Christmas at our house.
Visiting Santa at
our work

Kim and Shaun invited us to a Jazz game

Jay and I enjoyed such a great night
at his work Christmas Party held
over at Gardner Village!
So so beautiful!
I didn't take too many pics of the night, as we
were being well entertained by a
"Family Feud" game, Santa visit,
delicious dinner, and lots of gabbing
with the others at our table.

We arrived early and I took a
quick picture ...the place looked so pretty!!


We had a work Christmas party too
This was our most fun Christmas party to date!
This one was held down in Provo with the full district
with everyone's offices from Nephi to American Fork.
It was a big fun party!
This is a few from our office in this pic with Santa!
Our cute table we decorated themed "snowmen"

My cute buddy, T-Rey riding on the
train with me to meet Jay at his work,
so we could ride up to Layton to be with family
for Taryn's opening of her mission call!!
(I love that Trey is drawing the "Hulk", he's the best!
and truly his father's son! haha)

Loved the cute sign up hanging from the ceiling!
"Called To Serve!"
We all had fun making guesses where
Taryn might be called to serve
Cute Taryn opening her call!!
She is serving in Chile!!
We are SO surprised and excited for her to
be serving in the same country as Jay served his mission!!

Taryn with Tam and Mike!

I grabbed a pic of these brothers as they were visiting

Taryn with Grandma Darleen

Chile buddies!!
These three cousins
were making me giggle as
they were doing silly
dance moves!

Trey and best buddy, Rylund!

An early Saturday morning at the church
for our ward Christmas party!
The youth helped to prepare and serve the food!
Trey so dang cute up there!
Ummm, and yesssss, seriously lovely!...
it's not everyday I get eggs, dutch-oven potatoes, bacon
and sausage, AND pancakes with chocolate chips!
So fun!

Trey enjoys several weekends at
the gym practicing Parkour. Trey is really talented!
We stopped by and visited Jeannette's grave one weekend.
Just missing her a lot again this Christmas season.
We've made at least 20 batches of special K treats
in her honor! That's what we gave out as neighbor treats
this year also...  just wanted her touch in our home
in any way possible. We love putting up some of her
old Christmas decorations....she just feels a little
closer when her things are around. 

On another weekend we celebrated little Kayla's
birthday, turning 3 years old!!
Also, Pixie made an appearance! ...that was almost more
fun that opening her birthday presents.....almost!

Macy and Jaycie
Kylie and me

Me with the birthday girl
Trey with one of his best
buddies, Josh!

Nate and sweet Jaycie

Nate and Alisha's cute
tiny new puppy


I love this pic of Jay!
Another sister pic...
Lish and Lis !

On another weekend in December we arrived at
Curt and Sydna's home for the Graf
Christmas Eve party!

Ugly sweater or crazy socks!
I NEED to make or buy us some crazy sweaters!!
So...socks it was this year!

Bri-guy !

Cute sister-in-law's
Sydna and Barbara!

Brian and Sharla introducing our service project
to help with, putting together nutrition snack kits,
 hygeine kits, blankets, and clothes, to hand out
to homeless in Utah County.

Taking turns putting kits together


Brandon and Dresden...
We love them!..and hope there is a wedding coming up
in the next year!! In the meantime, we get to
see these two lovebirds at the family parties
and at the BYU games as we cheer Dres on when
she performs between games as a Cougarette.
These fun cousins!

I made this treat for Jay with my
amazing sugar-cookie decorating skillz !

Jay decorated this one
for me! It was delicious!

Sugar cookie are my favorite cookie.
I love to make AND eat them!

Kass Kass and Hay-Yay

Macy is my little buddy too!
I got to be a second mom to her
when we moved up north and
lived in her home for 2 years!...
she was only 5 months
old when we first moved up.
She and I are good pals!

One cold December night, Jayme went to see
the Zoo lights with her friends
Jay's brother Kyle, gave us some tickets to
go and watch a BYU game one night!
WE had a BLAST!  Next year, we will be going
to a few more of those basketball games!!

One day, in the mail, we received a package from
Ryan and Donna's family!..It was their Christmas
present to our family...Christmas SOCKS!!
We LOVED them and knew right off
which socks belonged to each of us!

On Christmas Eve morning we went up to Layton
to have a Mills/Fox Family Christmas Party!
This was seriously  one of our favorite Christmas Eves ever!

Breakfast at the Golden Corral is the best!
...I had ALL my favorite things
all on my plate at the same time! haha
Jayme and I
spotted Santa there!
Jay-Ray and me!

Jim, Amy, Taryn!

Grandma Darleen, Bruce, Gage, Calvin, and Tammy !

Kyle and Carrie !
Me and Sis

Cute cousins!


What a fun fun party!

We went to see a movie after breakfast!!

My cute relaxed!

We've never sat in anything like these chairs before!
No movie will EVER be the same now unless we
get pampered like this again!

Jayme went to sing with the Grafs for the
traditional Christmas Eve sing at the Cancer Center
at the Hospital in SLC. 
Some more of the group!

Jayme's best friend gave her this most AMAZING
Christmas gift... a life-size Elivs!
Jayme added it to her "Elvis" room.
She was so excited!
The night of Christmas Eve, Kim and Shaun's family
came over to party !

The kids asked for a kissy picture, haha!

Pixie randomly brought bear PJ's for the kids!!


Jay stayed up LATE on Christmas Eve night putting
together one of his Christmas gifts for me...I
was MORE than excited about this!
Bookshelves have been on our "bucket-list" for
many a year!
Santa himself!
Cute as ever!
Jay's other bookshelf he put together for me...
this is like going on 2am...eeek !
Merrrrry Christmas! 

Christmas came!!!!
Our rule...Christmas doesn't start until 7am.
Trey came in to get us up on the "dot"! haha!

Kitty loves to hide in and under the wrapping!

Snapping a quick pic of
Jayme snuggling in her new Christmas blanket
watching the Christmas Story

Jay and the kids spoiled me!
Jays stash! 

Trey loving his hover board!

Mills fam 2017 !!

Christmas Day Dinner at Kim and Shaun's

We brought Special K treats!

The gold spoons, forks, knives are our FAVORITE !

Just fun 

I love Jay.
I love him with everything I am. I always have.
He is my very best friend..and always will be.  
Life isn't always easy or fun...but we learn to keep 
enjoying all the great memories we are making 
throughout all the years...and to also keep pressing through
the crazy hard times. Life is best when Heavenly Father
 is part of our days and moments. We are very blessed !
Upward and Onward into this new year coming.. 2017