Tuesday, February 28, 2017

January brings in a new year and new beginnings! Welcome 2017 - or as Jay named it, "Upward and Onward!"

2017 is here!!
Jayme snapping a quick
New Years Eve pic of us
We hung out quietly
at home together that 

evening while we 
brought in the New Year, 
feeling thankful for our family,
and for our blessings.

Jan 2nd was our day off of work and school so
it was great to sleep in and just hang out.
This is one of our favorite spots...Sweeto Burrito.
 Poor Jayme was having to work that day so 

we were missing her being with us!

Later on that evening, We also made it to another 
favorite place of ours before the day ended...
bringing in the NEW year right!!

Each January is always a time for reflection on 

the past year and also on new goals and new beginnings.

I love that 
the gospel of Jesus Christ - if truly lived -  
helps us in all aspects of our life,
resulting in the best progress for our goals!

Years ago, I heard a quote from Jayme's young
women's president, "We can never go back and have a 'new beginning'...but we can start now to change our endings".

I've always been so thankful for the gospel, and that

through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can know that
we are always on a straight path that leads to the 
happiest of 'endings'. The Gospel, with ordinances 
and covenants results in our happiest and most 
peaceful state of life in this life, and in the next!

I love how the snow clumped up on the branches.

On this particular snowy, January morning, 
we found ourselves at the Mt Timpanogos temple.

Was such a great day.

Later that first January week, 
We found ourselves back at the gym again,
we had taken a week or so off, so we decided
it was time to head back over there

I'm not quite as enthusiastic
as Jay, haha!

January also brought a fun celebration day at my work.
We decided to decorate our co-worker's office since
it was her 10 year anniversary there !

"We solemnly swear...
we are up to no good!"

We decided to use the Harry Potter theme!

She was so surprised and so happy !!

We hung quotes on all
the doors in her office

We have SUCH a great time at work 

Another FUN office I have been making many
visits to the past couple of months is my brother's office!
I LOVE that he has fresh baked cookies to give the patients 

after their appointments!

Brian made me a splint to help my crazy TMJ
jaw locking problem! uggh. I first noticed this jaw thing

a couple of years ago...maybe I'm just getting old or something. But Brian is going to have me all fixed up in no time!

And this summer we are on to other exciting things such as
a new front crown and braces for a few weeks
to straighten up a couple of teeth in the front of my mouth..
it's been a long time coming..I'm so so so excited !

This was a fun night at our house that I randomly 
took a few pics of...our cute little family has decided 
we needed some new GAMES since we are in a 
new year now so this has been fun. Games are the best!


Spontaneous fun has always been our thing.
I'm VERY lucky to have married this boy right here
that has ALWAYS been up for spur of the
moment adventures. Sometimes date night is planned
on the fly as we head out each Friday night.

Jay has always been the most fun, easy going, handsome,
sweet man...
He is absolutely still my favorite.

He and the kids are my heaven on earth.

We ended our night with cold stone.
That is also a heaven on earth experience!

One of our other favorite moments in January was to
have Ryan and Donna's family come and stay with us!

We made sure to keep the heating blankets on them...
these St George-ers don't know what to do with
the freezing northern Utah temperatures.

With Ryan and Donna's family in town we decided we
had better have a party! We ran over to Mike and Barbara's
house for the gathering. We decided to take pics to send
to Elder Graf too !

My crazy fun siblings and in-laws have been a life-saver for us
while we have been living up in northern Utah.
Ever since we moved up north 5 years ago into 

my sisters basement, Jay in school again, 
changing careers for both of us 
(Jay changing jobs 5 times also in those years) 
kids going to new schools a few different times,
changing church wards 6 times.... 

we have NEEDED all the fun and laughs. 
Too much change has been very stressful.
These people are literally angels on earth and 

they are always up for a very spontaneous 
last-minute get together!
Besides daily scriptures and prayer...what has been 
so very helpful has been family checking 
in often, spontaneous family time spent
together, and lots of laughter! 
These things are the best ending for any 
kind of day...good or bad.

A few random work days...

On this particular day, I got to go visit Jay and
go to lunch with him!

Jay calls me a few times each day throughout the day, 

and has always done this in all our married years. 
Several of those years, we've been very lucky to 
meet up for lunch each day too. I love that he loves 
to calls me every single day for lunch. We both have 
very busy stressful jobs every day, and it's just nice to 
check in with each other during the day and get our 
minds on to other things besides the crazy work day. 
I love my job, it's way way busy though. 
Jay works at a great company which he loves, 
but the position he works at he doesn't love, it has been 
the most difficult by far of any he has ever had. 
He has been praying hard for a change. 
He is a rock star and I love him. 

Good things are ahead of him for his hard 
work and perseverance..

Here's a random pic Jayme snapped of us one day.
 Jayme is one of my best friends. She's so fun to talk to, 
she has the best, most happy laugh!..she is always fun 
to go to dinner with, and to a movie with. 
Jayme loves movies, she will go at the drop of a hat.
She is the most fun to watch the academy awards with,
or any tv show.  I can get Jayme laughing at a drop of a hat 
just by being me...for some reason she thinks I'm hillarious...
I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult! Jayme is 
also very wise and is easily the one that everyone comes to 
talk to when they want to talk about any deep life pressing thing.
She pretty much is one of the most amazing people on the planet.

This is a picture Trey and his friends took of their freezing
scout campout. Yes, it was that cold.  eeek

But they had fun like usual! 

This is a work in progress at my place of employment!
I've had a bare white wall the past 4 years that finally was
screaming of some attention. Since the city owns this
building, we can't paint the walls...but we decided to
get creative as cheaply as we could since we are not wanting
to spend much on this project. We decided to use the
theme of 'vacation' destinations / old-world style!

This is my partner in crime at work!

And January was over...just like that.

Looking forward to more of our new year of 2017...

or as Jay named it, "upward and onward" !