Thursday, April 6, 2017

February 2017

Stopped by at Jay's work! Love his Incredible Hulks
on his desk! 

Jayme and I went
for sushi!

Such our favorite place to eat!

At Carrie's baby shower! Such a fun time!

Look at all those cute tiny shoes!!

Jay and Trey at the
BYU basket ball game!

Trey loved the
trampoline tricks!

The crowds are fun at the games!

Jayme and I love going to
the Puppy Barn !

Superbowl party at the Cabin !

There's both my boys in this picture..a few floors
apart from each other!

Special K treats are
always a hit !

Sydna's "Jay in a bowl"
is also a hit !
He loves her jello salad
so she named it after him! lol

Jay is so handsome !

Banana split time!

Love the cabin!!  So so pretty and peaceful there !

"Curt in a pan" is always one of our
favorite desserts! So he decided to give
us a visual one night! lol!

Lunch with Jayme at the park! The water was frozen!

Jayme was scaring me!
She was testing me to see if I would save her since
I said that I was NOT going in to save her!
I hate to be cold! 

Later that week, I went back to that park to show
Jay and Trey the frozen water...but it wasn't
frozen much sunshine that week :)

Valentines !
Jay bought me these gorgeous flowers !

What a good man I have.
He is always trying to take such good care of our
little family and he is doing a wonderful job at
letting us know that we are his whole life.

I love him, I always have, I always will


We went out on a family dinner date that night.
Jayme took some quick pics of us as we
were leaving for dinner.
We like to give the kids a "kiss picture" to tease them!

I can't believe Trey is almost as tall as me! 

I don't want him to grow up too fast!

My beautiful Jayme with her handsome dad !

We had a fun valentines day!

Trey's BIRTHDAY !!!
He turned 15 years old!

We took Trey and a couple of his friends to a trampoline
place to celebrate his birthday. These kids are fun to watch
as they flip and twist with endless energy!

Trey chose Red Lobster
for his birthday dinner

After dinner we went over to Kim's house
to sing Happy Birthday to Trey with kims kids

Trey has been SO excited to be turning 15 years old...
because he gets to get his DRIVER's PERMIT !!!

Back at home that
night, my cute Jayme!

With Jayme and her friend, Clara
 trying on make up at their friend's home.

We went for a double date one night for Sushi with
Jay's cousin, Devin, and his cute wife, Alisha!

We had a fun night catching
up with these guys

We went to visit Jay's
parent's graves.

Cold February day, but peaceful.
We feel so strong that they are near, watching over us.
We have felt their concern and love to 

protect and safeguard our family.
Family is forever!

Jay kept snapping pics as we made our way through
the cemetery that day. We are liking our new camera
that we got for Christmas and still getting 

use to taking pics with.

At a BYU basketball game

A fun-filled busy month again!!
The days, months, and years fly by...
we are just happy to be
catching a tiny bit of the memories
with the camera as we go!