Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring is in the air....March is here!

Dinner with friends, Mike and Alli

We can't believe our "baby"
is driving age now!

I love these girls who are serving with me
in the stake yw presidency, they are hard working
and all heart !!

And they keep me laughing too!!
Poor Jayme got in a car accident. Her car, named, "Whitney"
 was pretty damaged. Jayme paid for the damages and
even talked down her price for repairs pretty far!
She is an independent smart confident girl out in the world!
Jayme's birthday present that Jay made for her to
hold her DVD movie's in ! 
Jayme is a beautiful young lady and my best girl friend too!

Jayme's best friend from Highschool, Taylor,
gave her this awesome life-size Elvis! haha

Celebrating a birthday dinner

For Jayme's birthday, I dropped her, Kass, and Taylor
 off at the SLC airport for their trip to Vegas for
the weekend!!

These girls had a blast on their spontaneous fun-filled weekend

Kass got called up at the Mentalist show they went to!

Trey got his driver's permit !

Trey put this fun picture together of him doing one of
his flip-tricks!

The same weekend Jayme was in Vegas,
Jay and I were in southern utah to celebrate my
mom's 80th birthday with my siblings!

We went to the temple to do sealings together!
Shaun, Kim, Lisa, Brian, Sharla, Curt, Sydna

Jay, Lisa, Shaun, Kim, Brian, Sharlan, Curt, Sydna

Jay, Lisa, Alisha, Nate, Brian, Sharla,
Curt, Sydna, Kim, Shaun
We couldn't believe what a beautiful March day
it was there in St. George

I liked this quote that was in the temple cafeteria in
St. George. It's funny...but so true too! 

Here we are with mom at her birthday dinner at Sizzler
in Cedar ! :) She looked so beautiful and was so very
happy to be surrounded by her kids, sons-in-laws,
daughter-in-laws, and grand kids!

We had fun taking pics together.
 We know that our full family pictures are numbered since
 mom and dad are getting older.
We are so grateful for the pictures from that day.

Anytime we can, we like to go attend the temple
as a family, as many as can come.

Kim and Shaun

Curt and Sydna

Nate and Alisha

Alexa, Brooklyn, Jessica, and Kaitlyn

Jay and Lisa
Grandma with Dres and Brandon

Mom and Dad

Counsin fun

Ryan and Donna

Lisa and Steph

It was so so good to be together with all nine kids
with mom and dad!!

We gave mom a gift of pictures!
She has always loved family photos
and photo books!
She was in heaven there looking through
the book of family pics and
all the letters we wrote and put in the
book for her!

Kylie made this for Grandma!

Trey with Kaitlyn and Courtney

Graf family !!

So fun to be all together

The birthday gift we gave to mom
filled with family pics and letters

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids!!

The Graf's with our honeys !!!

More Grandkids pics !

Cousins !
Dres showing her
engagement ring
from Brandon !

Jay and Trey

We are so happy to celebrate Mom!
Was such a special's not everyday 

that you turn 80!!  Love her so much!
Loved the sunset that night!

After the dinner, we all went to the movie
We are hoping it won't be too long until
we can all be together again!
With 9 siblings, it doesn't always happen very often!
We always have so much fun 

My aunt gave this angel to me, that my
grandma made years ago, I love it!
Taryn's farewell was so fun!
She is ready to get to Chile to serve her mission!
She will be an amazing missionary

Taryn was so beautiful

Gage and friends

Kit and Cole

Aunt Terry with Tammy
Mike and a neighbor friend

Aunt Annette, Uncle David, and his sweetheart Jen !

Kyle and Taryn
Grandma Fox, Terry, Taryn, and Alan

Jim and Amy
Trey and Rylund

Jay and Lisa

with our cute nieces, Jaycee and Cecily

Taryn's so cute!

Jay and Jayme


My work friends made
easter baskets, loved these!

The month of March always brings a favorite
tradition that we like to do together as a family....
"March Madness"

Jay makes it super fun with prizes for
first, second, third, and fourth place!

In March, we also enjoyed a few BYU basketball
games together! The place was packed every time.

Jays new work station in the department he is now working.

A BIG blessing came these past couple of months,
with Jay getting a different job position within the
company that he works for. We love the company so
much and plan to retire with them. They are fun and
are family oriented. This new job has been such
an awesome blessing for Jay. He now
works in the recruiting department as an analyst.

I love going to visit him whenever I get the chance.
One thing that Jay's job's have always known is how
much I love to stop by often to say hi and to
get to know his work buddies. I miss Jay being able
to swing by more often at my work too. He still
comes to visit us, but isn't able to nearly as much now
that he works so far away.

We love to decorate at my office.
We don't miss any opportunity
 to brighten up the drab place, haha

I spontaneously made shamrocks for
random people in the office and
taped them to their shirts as they
walked past my desk, lol,
I sent Jay these pictures to show
him our silliness.
We snapped a pic
of the mail guy,Ryan,
 who had a fun green
necklace on that day.

It's easy to look
forward to work with
great people
who choose to
have random fun.

My counselor made these cute pics and treats
to hand out to our new ward leaders
as a way of introducing us.
She is so talented and I'm lucky to have her.
My work friend gave me 4 free tickets to go
to comicon. We decided we better go check it out
and see what it was all about. We ran into
a couple people that we knew was
Jay's cousin and his family.

The place was quite crowded!
Jay found a super cool Hulk

Trey with my favorite...Jack Sparrow!

Jayme, always fun, she dressed up like Velma
from Scooby Doo!

Jay and I spotted this, and I totally want to find out
where to buy this for him. Super cool.

We do home visits in our stake each month
with the ward leaders. The stake leaders go out with the ward leaders to members homes and visit.
On this particular night,me and this cute ward
young woman president, were dressed almost identical!
We were laughing so hard since my friend, 

couldn't stop laughing at us and decided to take 
this picture of us since she thought it
was so funny! She later texted it to us. lol!

This calling has been such a timely blessing for
me.  I thought it was so interesting
how Heavenly Father brought an answer to me in his
own way through this calling to me.
I would have never thought
of his answer coming through this avenue.
Heavenly Father continues to protect and show
love as he sends answers to prayers one after another!

One night, Jay and I went to a Jazz game and got
to enjoy it from a suite that his work gave us tickets for.
It was such a fun game! 

We got there early to try and see the hype in the
halls since previous Jazz players were in the building!

Lots of people, Lots of noise, and lots of food! yum!!

Honoring previous Jazz celebrities

Sloan and Stockton  shaking hands with crowd
as they walk past off the floor!

This is the suite we were enjoying the game from!

This is another night at a dinner date. We were waiting for my
sister and her hubby to join us at the Olive Garden.

Jay got new glasses this month! He's trying on
different pairs. This is the one we like most!

Cute in glasses too!

Trey having fun with the
Lion one Saturday
out to the Zoo with
his dad!

Jayme and I having a girls day. Lunch and window shopping!

Jay and I went to my cousin, Stephanie, daughter's
wedding reception. We were best-friend cousins growing up
so it was really fun to be there to support her
daughter getting married.

Awe, I love this picture!
Jay and I like to spontaneously go over and visit
Kyle and Carrie. On this night, we were out running
errands, and stopped by to visit.
This little girl is heaven to hold.

Jay, doing family history work on his
phone while visiting!

 I love this boy!
We've been teaching the
kids how to find names on
family history searches too,
it's been fun and they
have found lots of names
for us to be working on!

Jay is a good sport and let Jayme paint
his toe nails ! haha

Love this picture of Kass and Jayme

Lightened my hair a tiny bit, liking subtle changes
with my hair stylist.
I want to go a bit lighter this summer too I think.

March came and went and we found ourselves
in the middle of April before we knew it!
Man, time sure does fly!