Saturday, June 3, 2017

April 2017

Conference weekend, these two enjoyed the
priesthood session and a treat afterwards.

One of my favorite things is these two 
spending father-son time together!
And then Jay also always comes home and tells me 
how great the conference was and all the talks
that were his favorites!

Watching Conference at home... Jayme
 loving to have Trey laying on the floor
in front of her! She decided to play
with his hairdo that morning!

We get the most beautiful sunsets out at our home

In St. George at a volley ball tournament!!

My work friend needed a partner for a co-ed team she was
wanting to play at this tournament in. Jay and I
decided to spontaneously sign Jay up to
play as her partner!It's been several years
since Jay has played some serious volleyball,
so it was so much fun to watch him play again!!

Jay sporting the cool shirt he got at the tournament!

Starting to get set up around the field for the
various volley ball matches.
The rain came for the first hour before the
tournament started. It felt good though.

Ryan and Donna's fam with us cheering on our team!!

It was 2 against these guys played their hearts out!
Jay was so sore after the 12 games they played that day!

We went up to see the pretty view on the Dixie rock!
Climbing around was so fun!

Jay took us to a yummy dinner that night to
one of our favorite places in St. George.
We miss living down there still, even though we
love living in northern Utah so much too.

Coloring easter eggs to get ready for the traditional
easter egg roll !

There was a massive wind storm that night
as we were coloring our easter eggs!
The next door neighbors trampoline crashed through
the fence and ended up against the house next to it.

All the eggs were so creative!
This one Macy ended up with
an almost white egg again, ha!

Rolling our eggs the
next day with the Grafs

The boys working hard on
making a fun trail to roll
the eggs down the hill!
They were super creative
making jumps and tunnels...
and a splash water pool ending!

This has been a fun family tradition for years and
years! My dad did this as a child, it was a
Switzerland family tradition to color and
roll easter eggs! Dad grew up doing it,
and us kids too...and on to the next Graf generation!

Mike introduced us to a fun idea of doing a
NIGHT TIME easter egg hunt!
The teenagers LOVED it!!
We will for sure be doing this again next year!
Another wonderful family evening together
was celebrating Dresden's bridal shower!
Brian and Sharla are so excited to have her as
their new daughter-in-law!

Angie did such a great job with the game for Dres

Another night, we went
with the kids down to
BYU's art museum

We were so excited to find a Baskin Robin
up here in Utah County!
This was our favorite ice cream place in St. George
when we lived there. We don't see Baskin Robins
anymore very often. They have the best
Rocky Road ice cream!!

One night, Jay and Trey made their cars
for their young mens activity! They will be
racing them soon.  These two had such
a good time together making these!
This one is Treys. 
And this one is Jays truck!
A campout they went on!
Trey's young men's president is his cousin, Taylor Wood!
Jay serves with Taylor in the young men's presidency!

This was such a pretty spot! Jay keeps saying
how he wants to take us up there camping soon!

Jayme and I went to the stake relief society conference
together. We were pampered with such a nice dinner
and different speakers, I love going with my Jayme
anywhere and everywhere! She is my best girl-friend.
We snapped this picture here of the pretty tables.

This picture was from a date night!
Jay and I went to a yummy dinner in the riverwoods,
and then spontaneously over to see my
Grandma Chamberlains old condo where I
spent tons of summers making memories with
my siblings and cousins at Grandma's home and
swimming in her pool !
Jay has always loved that he has memories
when he was young too swimming in this same
pool where he would come with his cousin, Greg.
We always say that we wish we knew if we were
there at the same times.

The club house and swimming pool

This made my day one afternoon while I was
flipping through the pages of one of my recipe books...
I found this sweet love note in here from our 14 year
anniversary! Such fun treasure to find!

These are some of my work friends! They are crazy and
are super awesome! And they make work and
work meetings so much better!

I love this spontaneous picture at the Taco Amigo!
We were there for lunch after a temple session at
the Timpanogos temple.

The flowers and the temple
session were beautiful!

This was an old picture that floated out of
an old stash of photos from our trip to Hawaii
12 years ago! It was such a great memory to find!
I never posted those Hawaii pics because I didn't have FB
or a Blog at that time. I really need to get all
those pictures scanned and uploaded. They are
all really great memories!
Well, and just like that.. April was over! 
The kids have been so busy with school, work, 
and friends! Jay and I have been busy 
with those same things too, as well as our gym 
time, church service, and family that 
we get to hang out with too!
We feel so blessed in our lives and know that 
we always have been!

We look forward to just so much more 
of the same things we already enjoy... 
especially time spent together!