Friday, June 9, 2017

May 2017

May started off with a fun lunch with
Kimmi, and our girls to Zupas! 

I love holding his hand. Just grateful for him.
Such a simple moment rushing through the
grocery store that morning, but grateful for
these little things! I also think it's cute that he stole
my bracelet off of my wrist in church one day a
couple of years ago and has worn it every day since
then because he said he feels like a little part of
me is physically with him every day, all day.
I've always felt that the little things
are truly the "big things"in the grand scheme
of all that happens in our days.

Jay took us on a fun trip out of town to the
warmer weather of Southern Utah!
We enjoyed a weekend in St. George with
total relaxation, a little sun-tanning,
shopping, and a night at Tuachan!

We actually got some
jacuzzi time too..even in the
warmer Dixie weather
one morning after


Loved our time
at Tuachan

Jay super spoiled us
and got us way up
in the front for seating!
Jay was SO
excited to run into
his child-hood bestfriend
Warren Butterfield!

Opening act was really good too

Brian Regan was so funny!!
We loved seeing his shows!
On our way home, we
stopped to visit mom and dad
and listened to lots of
neat memories these
two shared!
We recorded them on my phone
that they were holding.
Dad and mom telling
the story of their
Super cute!

Childhood stories
were next from
each of them.

We went with dad to see the progress of the Cedar City temple!
It's coming along and is just beautiful!

This made my day when Jay
spontaneously texted me this picture!
It's Jay on a work unity activity!
He got to go get a pedicure! haha!

I had to post this picture.
This car is at the gym every night.
Trey LOVES this car!
Every time we are at the gym
and have Trey with us, he
wants to get a picture of this car!

This picture is from a double-date night
with our friends. We went to Tucanos
at the Riverwoods in Provo. 

This is a great opportunity that our young women
are going to be able to do out at stake girls camp
this summer! They will be helping to
trace and cut out fabric from using a template
and then we will be sending the fabric in to this
organization for the sewing blankets for
premature babies for hospitals.
The girls will be able to prepare several
pieces of fabric each,making it possible
for several families to have beautiful blankets for
their babies to take home from the hospital.
Super excited to see this project come together!

I've never been up to Heber Valley camp before.
A few weeks ago, I got to ride up with our
stake girls camp director and her assistants to go
and check it out! We spend a couple of hours
walking around seeing the whole place.
It's amazing up there! This place was build for the reason
of Girls camp. It is really neat!
This is one of the cabins we will be staying in!
I love all the quake trees up around the cabins!!

Our week up there is scheduled for August, so
I'm thinking it will be nice and HOT though...eeek...

We will be enjoying some fun relaxation time in these
paddle boats and canoes!
We are having fun planning
all the details of camp along with the
youth camp leaders.
They have some silly crazy ideas too
that we are letting them
add to the agenda!
Our theme is "Ask of God in Faith"
It will be an amazing
 time with the girls!

This is my teenager son!
I love watching him do his thing! He is very coordinated and
loves to be busy on his skateboard and parkour flips
with his friends. He records their stunts and puts music
to the videos that he puts together. He is really good at it.

Jay put these pics together as a sweet
tribute to me for mother's day.
He's amazing, and I am so glad to call him
my best friend and my guy forever.

The kids and Jay put these gifts out for mothers day!
Jayme made this picture for me, she did it
on our computer, I love it!!

Trey made this for me in his young men's group.
They sketched this awesome scripture in the board!
I love it so much and had Jay hang it on my kitchen wall!!

Jay got me these beautiful pieces of Jewelry!!
A mother's ring! And also a mother's necklace!

I got a surprise mother's day
gift at our front door from
one of my counselors,
so sweet!

Jay also got me these beautiful flowers that we
hung out front from the porch!
We havn't weeded and planted our flower garden yet!

This is a blanket that Jen
made for each one of
us ....Tammy,
and us dauther-in-law's.
She made it a while ago and
I've wanted to get pictures of it. 

We were thinking about
Jeannette a ton all day on
Mother's Day too

I feel very fortunate to have had both, my mom and
my mother-in-law in my life. Both of these women
are amazing and I love them!

We took these cute "flowers" and gardening gloves
to all the young women leaders in our stake to wish
them a happy mother's day and let them know how much
we appreciate them being "mothers" to the
 young women in their wards and helping these
girls grow their testimonies. It was
a blast to deliver these!
Random pics from one
night at the gym.
I love how grown up my
little boy is getting.
He is talking to Jayme
is this picture.
But, I love that he is looking
so tall and grown up.
Jayme doesn't let me take
pics of her very often!
But, she's so dang cute and
we love hanging out with her!

This is award's night
at Trey's school.
He got an award in Math,
he is so awesome!
His grades were so good
again this year!
So proud of this fun kid!

Love seeing these pretty flowers every day

Here's a pic that Jaymes
took with me
This is a combined mutual activity.
Such a yummy dinner that night together!
This was a fun picture,
it's from Trey escorting a
couple of the girls
over to the dinner table.

Trey and Jayme, both,
LOVE this kitty!
Trey showing the kitty
what he can't have! haha

Love hanging out together at the Zoo!
Trey's best friend came along with us this time!


We love all of Trey's
friends, they are really
good kids and so
much fun! Wish our
vehicle was bigger and
we could have brought
more friends with us.

It doesn't take long for these two to find
walls to climb up and to start flipping off of.

They were drawing some attention and
some requests from adults to do more
tricks and certain kinds of flips.
People like to watch and be entertained by
these talented kids! Love that they have
so much fun! 

This was a fun night at the stake center
for seminary graduation. This is Kodi
and Brittany, we are missing Karis in this
picture with us, she was serving up brownies
at the moment next to us. We had fun
with the youth that night handing out
gifts to the graduates and just being
a part of that night with them.

These were the gifts we gave to each
girl graduate. We loved putting these
gifts together! The stake young men handed
out consecrated oil for each of the boy
graduates. I loved that gift idea
so much for the boys!

Jay took these pics from their awesome
shooting night with the young men

This is a random pic from one day at my
work, we were helping center the court seal
behind the judges bench. That seal is heavier
than it looks. But, it's really pretty.

This is my brother's new home that they just built
down in St. George that we are super excited about-
We can't wait to go and stay with them!
We love our St. George family!

We were so happy to see
Jack Sparrow at the theatre
for the new Pirates movie
that came out.We met up with
a couple of my brother's family
and also my sister's family to
see the movie.

Jay sporting his
pirate ear-ring!
Arrrggh !

Jay took this picture after he mowed the lawn
one Saturday morning. We so much love our home
and the area that we live in.

We are very blessed with the neighbors we have too.
We moved out here 4 years ago and so many times
I have thought that the main reason we are
out in this area is mostly for Trey since he has met so
many good friends, is doing awesome in school,
and has such great young men's leaders.
We love that he is having the
best experiences out here!

The new Mr and Mrs Graf


Jay was having so much fun
with our new camera!
He was like the paperazzi!
My dad and Curt

Brian and Sharla

Jay with Kolbs
My niece, Ang !

With my nieces and nephews

My nephew's cute family

Andrea and Grandpa Graf

Brian and sweet Grandma Marilyn

Dres's family

What an amazing day that was together celebrating
with Brandon and Dres ! xoxo

This is the view from the wedding luncheon window,
Love this temple!

Steph and Mark

My nieces, baby, 3 weeks old!

Kim and Shaun

Dad congratulating the
Newly wed couple

Dad with my brother, Mike

Curt and Sydna

My nephew and
his sweet fam

At the reception

Some of our family at the reception 
The dancing was a blast!

Jay taking our picture on Memorial Day
as we were visiting Jim and Jeannette's graves

Jim and Amy's family

We are missing our Jayme that day

The kids were asking Trey to do some
flips and these pics were fun to see

It was so great to be with Jim and Amy.
We don't get to be with Jay's siblings as much
since we live a bit away. My siblings all live
within 20 minutes of each other.
So we get to see each other a lot and
we get together often. I have such a feeling that
family relationships are something that is so important
After some purple turtle,
we went over to visit
Kyle and Carries family
and wished KC a
happy birthday!

What fun to play with
KC's gift! 

Afterward, Jay and I went over to see my
Grandpa Chamberlains grave.
There have been multiple times I have
felt her closeness in these past 10 years,
I love her and think of her very often!

This was a fun picture of Trey and friends at Lagoon
 for their end-of-school trip!

The kids wanted to see
flips and tricks!
So Trey and his friend