Saturday, July 15, 2017

I swear I blinked and June 2017 was gone!

Jayme and best friend, Taylor!
These two have been friends since highschool.

My work did a fun unity activity in June by
taking us shooting, it was a blast!
We had almost all of us there, the Judge, bailiff,
probation officers, and us clerks!

While I was shooting at the gun range, Jay was
at his work having a fun time too with this
awesome back-to-the future type car!!

I love this cute picture of Jay!
This was on a date night at one of our favorite
places to go...nicklecade!

An early saturday morning....

We went to help our neighbor do his eagle scout project
painting the church fence! 

My sister's family invited Trey to go on a
fun trip to California with them!

They went to the San Diego Zoo and Six Flags

He had such a fun time!

They went whale watching!
And they saw dolphins!

Trey and Kolby look just like brothers!

Kassidy and Kim were awesome and kept sending
me pictures of their trip!


Kolby, Trey, Kass,
and Haley took off
to Six Flags one day!!

Back to the beach

Trey took some fun flipping photos out there at the beach!
This was a highlight of his summer to be able
to go to California with his cousins!!
Kim and Shaun are so cool!! They made Trey's summer!

This picture made me smile! Trey is so creative!

We hare having fun with our flower gardens out front!
It was so hot this past month that we lost a bunch of
our flowers, but the ones that are still there are super pretty!

My mother's day flowers are my favorite!

Jay took this picture one night and it's fun to see
our lights by the flowers and tree!
We are still practicing our "green thumb" with the
flowers, and it's been so great!
Father's day this year I found a bunch of random
pics of Jay with the kids through the years.
Jay is an amazing dad! He loves his kids and lets them know.
The kids love him so much!!

Sunday morning on Father's day we had Jay
come down early and open his gifts from all of us!
It was a little too early for pictures for the rest of us!

We tried to spoil Jay with a yummy breakfast and
lots of love!
He is, and always has been, the love of my life
and is a wonderful father to our kids.

I have fun watching Trey do his tricks and flips
practicing on the trampoline. He's such a handsome
kid too!

My work went up the mountain for an afternoon
picnic, volleyball, and just relaxation!
We were there with all the 4th district offices..
from Nephi up the state to American Fork.
It was a big group of people!

This is what I found one evening when I got home
from work, lol! Trey and his friend Corey had
found a couple of birds and were playing with them!
After they got done being entertained with the birds,
and let them go, I told them of all the diseases
that birds carry and to go wash their hands! eeek

They also found a frog!! haha
This is the next morning after their late night and
sleep over! Trey has the best friends!!

I wore my glasses for a full week, which
about killed me since my eyes weren't use
to my glasses and so head-aches /eye aches
were a bit of my experience that week too!

I was hoping to be getting Lasik surgery, but
ended up not a candidate!
So, my glasses adventure was...well...was just that.. adventure!

THIS was one of my most fun moments of this
entire year!!...I got to meet Elder Weatherford T Clayton!!

Jay and I went to an amazing choir concert at temple square
in the old tabernacle building. I was so happy to
have spotted him. He was really nice and let me
take a picture with him.
He's kind of at rock-star status for me this year!
I heard a talk he gave for BYU and have been hooked
to every one of his talks since then! He speaks
with a powerful spirit as he teaches true doctrine.

Jay and I went for a
yummy dinner the
night of of the choir
concert up in SLC
My handsome guy

Cheesecake Factory

...and a little window shopping

In line to get into the concert

This pic was just before the musicians
and choir members came in.

What a beautifully musical night!

I love our date nights!!!

Never gets old...seeing the beautiful temple...
...or being with my sweetheart.

Jay took Jayme and I
out for yummy
snow cones!
Jay being a tease

Tayor and Jayme at the Lehi rodeo

A few more pics of my pretty Jayme!
She got her hair colored and we love it!

Jayme and Jay out for some yummy food together!

I swear I blinked and June was gone....
This summer is flying by too fast!