Monday, July 24, 2017

July...ony half way through, but always one of the most packed summer months!

Fireworks at BYU Staduim of Fire!
We sat outside the stadium with a bunch
of my family, and had such a great evening together!

Ramsay being a photo-bomber! haha

The fireworks were AWESOME!! I didn't take many pics
thought since I was sitting back to enjoy!

The summer days are hot hot hot this year!!
Trey helps handle our lawn care... he's in charge
of the back lawn! He's a good helper to Jay!

Jay super excited about his
new gun!
We've talked for years about
wanting one and so the time
is finally right. This was a
good gun and a good deal !!

Kyle, Jay's brother, is so much fun!
He's a big-idea kind of person and inspires
so many people! Here is he leading a pack of
patriots down the street getting ready to
celebrate our nation's independence day!

This is from the morning of the 4th of July in
Pleasant Grove canyon. Jay's brother, Kyle, put on
such a neat patriotic program and then revealed
the biggest flag in the country to be flown!

Was the perfect way to start out independence day!

Jay and Kyle
The candy bomber
was there too!

Kyle and Carrie

There's the flag behind us
flying in the breeze
between the canyon.

We sat by Jim and Amy !

There was a large crowd there that morning! 

Brian and Sharla came too!

Mike and Barbara came too!!

Trey and Rylund

After the celebration, we went over to the
Pleasant Grove cemetery to visit Jay's parent's graves.
We enjoyed being there and thinking of them.
It was so good to be with Jay's family that morning!

After we said goodbye to Jim and Amy, Jay took me
and the kids to eat breakfast at our favorite breakfast
cafe...Tangi's ! It is SO good!

After breakfast, we went back up to see the
flag more close up

The evening of the 4th of July, we went to my
brother, Curt's house to have dinner and fireworks
together! The celebrations were on-going all day and
all evening! Loved it!

Erin with her cute boyfriend!

I love Jay's smile!
Kimmi and I

We played a fun "break-out" game that night!

This was so much fun! Here's kim's group
almost to "break-out" as they solve the clues together!

Lots of fun games before fireworks

More games!

I love these cute sayings
that Sydna has around her home

Jay loves the Salad that Sydna
 makes for him at our parties!
She named it after him even...
"Jay in a bowl", haha!

Trey and Josh lighting fireworks for us in the street!

The neighbors had tons of
fire works too
and so we had a lot of
entertainment that night!

Jay turned 44 this July!!!

I love my handsome hubby!

We loved celebrating him!!

When Jay got to work on the morning of his birthday, he
found his work desk was decorated with fun and silly
party decorations!

Jays work took him out to eat for his birthday lunch!

All set for a party!

I forgot to buy candles, so we had to improvise with
what candles we DID have!
Jay thought it was fun to be "33"...
 instead of "44"!

Both the kids are camera shy these days, so it's
like pulling teeth to get photos of them!
The kids are there, but just hiding behind me as
I snapped pics of the awesome balloon decorations
that Jayme had for Jay that evening! 

For Jay's birthday, we went to another favorite
restaurant, Tsunami, for some yummy sushi

After eating at Tsunami, we visited Kyles flag.
There is always some fun event happening there!

Carrie is always busy helping out here hubby!
She is making metal awards, so awesome!

It's not uncommon to find camera and interviews
around Kyle. We think it's so fun to support him and Carrie!

Jayme in pure heaven
with little Emery

That evening, to finish celebrating Jay's birthday,
we met a bunch of family at the Thanksgiving Point
 theater to watch the new Spider-man movie!

I'm loving our pretty flowers outside this summer!! 
Even the weeds are soooo pretty !!!

I loved finding Trey's name carved into the cement!
I hadn't noticed this before..
we've only had our curbing done for a few weeks now.
July was the perfect month for Youth Conference!!
Jay and Trey had a great time !!
It was in Fillmore, and was super cool!

Tired after a long sunshiny day of both work..and fun!

Learning pioneer dancing!

Jay with a couple of our bishopric members..and also
Taylor, or cousin, who is the young men's president in our ward!
They had a BLAST together out there!

Trey doing some flips!

This is the young woman's
president with her counselor!
She and I were visiting teaching
companions, and are good friends!
I love that Jay gets to serve
around all these amazing
people in our ward!! They love
Jay and he's so amazing with the
youth too!

This fridge that they used makes me laugh so hard!
And Taylor photo-bombing int he back ground there
in the picture too! He's so funny, always keeping
everyone laughing!

Making home-made bread! Trey said this was
the best bread he's ever had! They loved this activity!

This is the oven they cooked their bread in!

Taylor and Brian making bread

Bishop Hill with his counselor Gabe Ray

Trey learning pioneer dances, he was dying that Jay
was there taking pictures of him
dancing with the girls!! haha

They had a great few days there. Jay told me it was
such a cool experience! He loves serving in
the young men's presidency.

I'm loving what Jayme is doing to her bedroom !
She's very creative, it's so pretty!

One night, recently, Jay and I were out on a
late night summer night walk. And before we were
very far, we heard Trey's long-board speeding up to us!
I laughed out loud when I spotted him, eating his
box of pizza while skating along behind us!
He's so much fun!
Love the teenage self that he is!! haha