Monday, January 22, 2018

The rest of October 2017

It's been such a nice warm Fall season, that our
flowers are looking so pretty still!!

Our friend, Cami, came by our work to show us
her brand new car. HEAVEN to cruise around in!!

Decorating for Halloween

Trey and Jayme had fun helping me
get decorations inside and out!

BYU football!

Double date with
Lovells for a night
out shooting!

Cedar City Temple is so pretty,
we love stopping by on our drives down
to southern Utah

Trey with friends out on the trampoline

Having fun helping Jayme hang
her floating candles for decorating the
inside of our house!
Halloween is spooky this year!!

Jayme is super creative!

We loved Trey's costume this year!! haha!

Jay took us for a canyon drive this Fall season
and found some pretty leaves. A great day together!

The kids had fun taking pics, they were really
good sports and we just snapped away!

Trey picked out the biggest pumpkin
he could find at the store!
It was too big for the scale, so they gave
us a great deal on it.

Charlie has to sit on everything that is new in the house!
He is investigating non-stop!

Jay and Trey camping for young mens.
Gorgeous sky!

Jay loves serving in the young men's presidency, and
Trey is the only one his age in his class and therefore,
is the president! ha!

Here's some fun videos that Jay sent out so that
I could see how their fun night was going!

They boys always
love to build
massive fires!

We love to get season tickets to the BYU football games
each year. This year they lost most of their games,
so it was WAY sad! But we still love to cheer them on

The "Y" up ahead of us
on our way to the stadium

The sun was so warm that day
and made it really nice for the
hours we were seated.
I worried about us getting a
sun burn!

We always love the yummy food there!

Sunburn problem solved! By new hat at game!
Jay and I love Friday nights each night!
This night we went to one of our favorite restaurants in town!

Another night in October, Kim and her girls came over to have
fun with us! Jayme had had a friend halloween party and
her decorations were still up in the basement!

Trey is super active and loves to do all
kinds of flips and tricks!
We are doing Family Home Evening and he
is listening while on his head, silly boy!

We had our Halloween party at my work the week
before the holiday....and
decided to dress up on Halloween day. I went
really low key this year...just cat-ears! 

Jayme was a warewolf!

Jay was my relaxed hubby who covered up his
hair because he said it was messy!!! haha!